Preturn Home Pre-Pay program

Return Home is proud to present Preturn Home, allowing you to pre-purchase a Terramation™ plan in advance from Return Home, and giving you and your loved ones peace of mind knowing that your last act on this planet will be to give back to it.

Our pre-purchase program will commence in late March of 2021. Call us at (206) 888-HOME (4663) to discuss, or contact us and we’ll respond to you, usually by close of the business day.

The Preturn Home plan costs $4,950 and includes:

Filing of a Washington State death certificate

Refrigerated storage of the body (if required)

Transforming (Terramating™) the body into soil

Transportation of the body to the Return Home facility from anywhere in Washington State
Delivery of excess soil to land in urgent need of restoration


You may buy the Return Home Pre-Purchase plan for yourself, or for another person. The only requirement is that the purchaser of the plan is not currently in immediate need of Terramation™ services.

For a full list of services provided, please see our General Price List (GPL). This price list is required by the FTC’s Funeral rule, and is designed to protect consumers. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Return Home is now providing immediate death care services nationwide. Call (206) 888-HOME (4663) for more information.