Return Home provides an end-of-life service that gently transforms human remains into rich, fertile soil, just as nature intended

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Return Home will begin providing Terramation services to the public in April 2021. If a death has occurred and you are in need of assistance finding a suitable green burial option in the Seattle area, please call us at (206) 888-HOME (4663). We’d be delighted to help however we can.

Return Home Pricing

Return Home will charge an affordable Terramation™ fee of $4,950, which is many thousands of dollars less than burial. Pickup and delivery charges will vary, depending on proximity to the Greater Seattle area.

For more details, see our pricing page.

Any soil that is not claimed by families will be donated to regional park departments, land trusts and the like for ecosystem restoration at no additional charge, thereby ensuring that this precious gift serves the greater good and never goes to waste.

Return Home Impact

Return Home is deeply committed to providing an ecologically sound option for our loved ones when they die by helping return them to the earth. Return Home’s vessel based Terramation™ system gently transforms human remains to living soil which enriches the earth by:

Reducing environmental contamination

Terramation™ prevents pollutants associated with burial and cremation from entering our earth and atmosphere.

Preserving land

Because the soil created does not need to be placed in a graveyard, open land no longer needs to be used for burial.

Nourishing soil

Terramation™ returns life-giving nutrients to the earth.

Reducing relative carbon emissions

Cremation emits almost 700 million pounds of CO2 annually in the U.S. alone. While the Terramation™ process emits some CO2, much of the carbon stays locked in the compost.

Restoring land

Unclaimed soil goes towards land and stream restoration, erosion control, and other forms of environmental rehabilitation.

Conserving energy

Our Terramation™ process requires very little energy to operate.

Return Home’s Terramation™ service offers us a chance to nurture the land and save natural resources. Not only does it avoid the environmental harms of conventional burial and cremation, but it actively promotes healthy soil ecology. We think of this as paying the gift of life forward.

🌱 Our service ensures the last thing you do is give back to the earth, not pollute it.

Return Home is now providing immediate death care services nationwide. Call (206) 888-HOME (4663) for more information.