The Best Eco-Friendly Alternative To Cremation

Human composting gently transforms human remains into soil, using 1/10 the energy of cremation

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Return Home is the alternative death care option that allows people to transform to soil when they die.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

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Our service pays the gift of life forward, continuing nature’s cycle. We see this as both sustainable and immensely spiritually significant.

We serve all 50 states. 

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Human Composting Is The Leading Cremation Alternative

Why Human Composting Is A Better Option Than Cremation

We're committed to providing an ecologically sound deathcare option.

 Not only does human composting avoid the environmental consequences of conventional burial and cremation, it actively promotes healthy soil ecology by:df f

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Reduce environmental contamination

Human composting prevents pollutants associated with burial and cremation from enteringour earth and atmosphere.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Conserve Energy

Unlike cremation, our human composting process requires very little energy to operate.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Reduce Relative Carbon Emissions

Cremation emits almost 700 million pounds of CO2 annually in the U.S. alone. While the Terramation™ process emits some CO2, much of the carbon remains in the soil.

Commonly Asked Questions About Human Composting

Return Home can provide terramation human composting services to all 50 states. We can arrange this directly with you or the funeral home of your choice.

Our process completely transforms a body into fertile, usable soil within 60 days. This includes 30 days in a vessel, and an additional 30 days for the soil to rest.

The cost of Terramation is $4,950. The price includes: 

  • The terramation service
  • Assistance from our service team
  • Filing a death certificate and all necessary paperwork
  • Refrigerated storage of the body
  • Return of any excess soil to our green belt property
6 Phases of human composting

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