Return Home’s human composting service gently transforms human remains into rich, fertile soil

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Green Funeral Home - Human Composting
Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Call us and we’ll arrange the transportation of remains

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

We’ll take care of filing a death certificate and all necessary paperwork

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

We transform the body into nutrient-rich compost through Terramation

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Watch your loved one live on through the gardens they nourish

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Learn More About The Human Composting Process

What Is Terramation Or Human Composting?

Terramation is also known as natural organic reduction or human composting, and transforms human remains into life-giving soil.

Phase 1 - Laying In

The body is layed in a vessel along with organic materials such as alfalfa, straw and sawdust. Families and loved ones are invited to add letters, flowers, and other organic materials.

Phase 2 - Terramation

Oxygen flows through the vessel which stimulates microbes in the body to become super-active. These microbes quickly transform the body into organic matter.

Phase 3 - Curing

The soil is removed from the vessel to rest. Within 60-days the fertile soil is ready to return to the earth.

Phase 4 - Life Grows On

The soil is then delivered to the family to to be used to plant a memorial garden, a grove of trees or donated to nurture land in need of revitalization.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

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Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

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Return Home Is A Green Funeral Home Specializing in Human Composting

We're committed to providing an ecologically sound deathcare option.

Our vessel based Terramation system gently transforms human remains to living soil,
enriching the earth and conserving natural resources. Not only does Terramation avoid the environmental consequences of conventional burial and cremation, it actively promotes healthy soil ecology by:

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Reducing environmental contamination

Terramation prevents pollutants associated with burial and cremation from entering our earth and atmosphere.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Preserving land

Because the soil created does not need to be placed in a graveyard, open land no longer needs to be used for burial.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Nourishing soil

Terramation returns life-giving nutrients to the earth.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Conserving Energy

Our Terramation process requires very little energy to operate.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Restoring land

Any remaining soil is used to nurture land in urgent need of restoration.

Green Funeral Home - Human Composting

Reducing Relative Carbon Emissions

Cremation emits almost 700 million pounds of CO2 annually in the U.S. alone. While the Terramation™ process emits some CO2, much of the carbon remains in the soil.

Commonly Asked Questions About Human Composting

Return Home can provide terramation human composting services to all 50 states. We can arrange this directly with you or the funeral home of your choice.

Our process completely transforms a body into fertile, usable soil within 60 days. This includes 30 days in a vessel, and an additional 30 days for the soil to rest.

The cost of Terramation is $4,950. The price includes: 

  • The terramation service
  • Assistance from our service team
  • Filing a death certificate and all necessary paperwork
  • Refrigerated storage of the body
  • Return of any excess soil to our green belt property

At Return Home, we allow you to plan ahead and make arrangements for your own death.

Did you just lose a loved one? Call 206-888-HOME (4663)